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TeaTime x TeaTube

The Untouched Tea Podcast

The Untouched  Tea Podcast

“Women speaking to women about things that matter.”

Michelle Koduah, CMO

The Untouched Tea Podcast Website

The Untouched Tea Podcast aims to create an open space to discuss deep, granular, and “untouched” parts of controversial issues that affect women in both positive and negative ways. Visit our podcast website and take a listen today!

Contact our CMO Michelle Koduah if interested in being a guest on our podcast.


New York City, New York


Michelle Koduah, CMO

TeaTime x TeaTube

Wondering what TeaTime is all about? 

Here are a few highlighted moments from the February 2019 TeaTime event. 

TeaTime: Women & Wellness

TeaTime x TeaTube on Youtube

TeaTime is an educational meeting held in Rochester, New York. During TeaTime, there will be short presentations on the topic of the month by ARF board members. This is followed by a guest speaker presentation as well as open discussion including Q&A.

TeaTube is an online panelist discussion held on Zoom Meeting then uploaded on YouTube. During TeaTube, we have a moderator and invite panelists to speak on the month's focus.

TeaTime x TeaTube is free events held on the last Thursday every month. 

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